New Psychiatrist.

So I’m seeing a new psychiatrist tomorrow. Have a list of things to ask him because otherwise I will forget everything I want to say. Mainly want to talk to him about the fact that I am not getting enough treatment regularly. To be honest I was getting more treatment in Dubai than I have been getting in England. And the reason I left Dubai was so I could get better psychiatric treatment, which hasn’t happened. In the beginning it was going okay, I saw a psychiatric nurse every day for an hour. But now I have moved onto the longer term treatment I only see a psychiatric nurse once every two weeks. And he hasn’t been helping, I don’t feel that he is the right person for me to see. Even my school counselor who I am still in touch with every week says that I need more regular treatment. What I really need is a psychologist or a counselor who I can see every week. 

There is also the fact that the original psychiatrist I saw in Winchester when I first started seeking out psychiatric help here said that I would be a good candidate for DBT therapy. But they would have to wait till I was ‘ready’ and in a better place so I could start that. However now my psychiatric nurse has said that I can’t do DBT because I am not actively self harming at the minute. So I am just a bit confused as I have been told two different things. And if I can’t do DBT what’s the plan regarding my treatment?

So far treatment has been rubbish and I’m not feeling much better than I was in Dubai. At the minute it’s not so bad because I have my sister and dog here to distract me from my thoughts. And moving house to concentrate on, then going on holiday. So I have things planned in to keep me distracted. However I know it’s not going to last because it never does. and I know eventually I will go downhill again an that will probably be late August when I get back from Florida and September when it will start to get bad again. And I need better treatment in place for before it starts to get bad again. 


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