Neglecting my blog.

So I’ve been neglecting my blog. Mainly because I moved house last week and didn’t have internet so I couldn’t do anything. Now I’m in holiday in Florida so I’ve been relatively busy. 

My holiday was going okay, until I got hit with a massive cold yesterday and can now not breathe out of my nose. It’s made my head really bad over the past few days. And then I’m left to the decision on whether or not to take some extra pain meds (triptans because that is all my neuro will give me) Previously they helped and knocked the pain down a couple of notches when it was really bad. But after a while they stopped working. I’ve tried several different types of Triptans but had the same result. After waiting 3 weeks for my neuro to write to my GP so she could prescribe me some I finally got some, called frovatriptan. I’m to try these and if they don’t work I try the next type and then the next type. I’m not holding out much hope of them actually helping cause of past experience with several other types. I wish they would but I just don’t want to be disappointed again like I usually am. 

Then I fight the battle of whether or not to take one, I can take up to 2 a week or 10 in a month; so that I don’t get a rebound headache. I took one on the flight over to America and it didn’t really do much, so now this week I can only take one more. And it’s a hard decision to make, do I take one now and risk later in the week the pain being worse and I won’t be able to take one. So I never really know, do I suffer now or later, that is the question. To make things worse my head has been awful since I got a cold so I kind of just have to suffer. 


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