Good and bad news.

So good and bad news today. Lets start with the bad and get that out of the way. 

So, I met my new psychiatric nurse today, didn’t really like or click with him. He wants to put me on an emotional coping skills course. But he can’t guarantee me a place on it, they accept 20 people and he is going to talk to his colleagues about getting me on it. So basically if I can’t get a place on it then what am I meant to do. My new psychiatric nurse is rubbish and I don’t feel able to talk to him and tell him stuff. So that’s not going to work out. He said after the emotional coping skills course I can be considered for DBT therapy. But there is a waiting list and he can’t guarantee I will be accepted for it. The system seems pretty stupid to me.

So I have decided to go down a different route.

I got in contact with a place half an hour away from where I live that have a psychologist that specialises in chronic pain. It’s private and from my experience with them through emails I am already impressed with how helpful they have been. So I have made an appointment to see the psychologist there who specialises in chronic pain next Thursday. Hopefully it will go well.  


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