Got my hopes up for nothing.

So I got new pain meds today, another type of Triptans. My pain levels were quite high this afternoon, so I took one. Knocked the pain down a few levels. So I was happy, and pleased that they actually did something for once. 

Two hours later my pain levels have risen to higher than it was this afternoon before I took a Triptan. 

Yet again another disappointment, knew I shouldn’t have got my hopes up. Nothing ever helps. 

I have one more type of Triptan left to try till I have tried them all. So probably going to have to go back to my neurologist and ask for something better. Can’t keep going on like this and suffering the way I have to when the pain gets bad cause nothing helps. 

Angry, pissed off, upset and in pain.


3 thoughts on “Got my hopes up for nothing.

  1. Sorry. I feel your pain, as I suffer from several chronic illnesses and am in a lot of pain often. I’ve been on narcotics and opiates for the past 3 years. A pain clinic doctor overdosed me, not once, but twice. I had gone in and told him I wanted off the narcotics and he just did like everyone else and gave me another one to ease the withdrawal from the one I wanted off of. I finally got so sick and ripped the pain patch off, knowing I would go into some pretty serious withdrawals. Got through that, then remembered how much pain I really was in and I’m now back on Oxycodone in pill form so I can just take it as needed, as opposed to having a patch administering the drug into my body 24 hours a day. This works well for me. Never heard of Triptan. I hope you can get your pain under control soon. I know it sucks!

    • Sorry to hear you suffer from chronic pain/illness too. Triptans are a migraine medication but they are rubbish and don’t work. Wish my neuro would give me something better to be honest!

      • You have to be your own advocate. Go to another doctor and keep doing this until you get the doctor that will help you and get you on the right medication that will get you some relief. That’s what I had to do. It took several doctor’s, but I now finally have the team of doctor’s that I believe are the best for me at this time. Don’t give up.

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