Particularly bad day and Tae kwon-do.

Woke up this morning and my pain level was already high. Usually the mornings is where I have my lowest pain levels. But quite often I will wake up and the pain is already really bad. Spent the majority of my day in bed, attempting to distract myself from the pain with tv shows to take my mind off of it. Hasn’t really worked to be honest. 

I plan to take a Triptan later and then go to Tae kwon-do. Hopefully the Triptan will knock my pain levels down a few notches so that I am able to participate in Tae kwon-do. However the other day when I took one, it knocked it down a bit for a couple of hours, but then it came back with a vengeance. But hopefully today it will knock it down long enough for me to be able to do Tae kwon-do. Even if it does come back worse later, at least I will have been able to do it. 

I love Tae kwon-do, I’ve been a black belt since 2007 and I refuse to let it be taken away from me because of my illness. Thankfully Tae kwon-do doesn’t make my pain worse, but it doesn’t make it better either. So I do it out of pure enjoyment. It also helps me release a fair bit of my anger towards life and everything. So that’s good. 

My illness took away my job of becoming a Tae kwon-do instructor in Dubai because I had to move back to England. But it won’t take away my ability to participate in the sport. 


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