Today I got a job.

So today I got a job. It’s only something small, for 2 hours every Sunday morning, and the pay isn’t great but it’s something nonetheless. I will be working at a catery near where I live, cleaning out the cats cages and giving them cuddles and attention for a bit. 

It seems like a nice easy job, stress free, and it’s on a Sunday morning and mornings are usually where my pain levels are the lowest so that’s good. 

So it’s not really a proper job. But it’s something small that I can handle, and the people who I will be working for are flexible so that means if it turns out I can’t make it on a Sunday cause my pain levels are bad I can go in and do it on another day. Also means I will be able to go back home to Dubai for a holiday pretty much whenever I want, within reason, as long as I let them know in advance and plan to come in on another day instead. 

The cats are super cute and they have quite a few Siamese kittens there at the minute which are adorable. I start on Sunday morning. 


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