I’ve been seeing my neurologist for about 2 years now. And all he will give me for the pain is Triptans. 

To begin with they helped, until one day the type I was using stopped working randomly. So I went back to my neuro and he prescribed me another type; they didn’t help at all. Since then I have been trying all the different types of Triptans and none of them have helped. 

The last time I saw him like 4 months back he wrote to my GP listing the last 3 types of Triptans for me to try. The first of these types I tried and they didn’t touch the pain. I am now on the second type that he said to try if the first didn’t work. I can take up to two tablets a time, but only twice a week to avoid rebound headaches. The first time I tried Relpax I only took one tablet, combined with a triple dose of aspirin and domperidone, this helped knock down my pain level a notch, but only for an hour, then the pain got worse than it was before I took the triptan. So the next time I needed one I took two of the Relpax, this made me so tired I could hardly move or do anything and didn’t help the pain much either. So today I needed something to knock down my pain levels so I took one Relpax. Which yet again, helped for an hour then the pain got worse than it was before I took it. 

I now have to go back to my GP and get her to prescribe me the last triptan on the list. The last type I have left to try before I have tried them all. 

It frustrates me so much that they don’t help and that my neuro won’t prescribe me something better. If the last type of triptans doesn’t work then I’m going back to my neuro and demanding something better. Because I can’t keep suffering like this. My new psychologist even said she is surprised I haven’t been put on opiates yet, and that I am being considered for nerve stimulation surgery when I haven’t even tried opiates to help yet. 

All I know is I need something for the pain, because I’m tired, I’m fed up and I can’t cope with the pain anymore. 


2 thoughts on “Triptans.

  1. I’m so sorry you are struggling. I really do understand. I actually wanted to “pingback” this to my recent post about my migraines, and my daughters struggle with migraines, but I’m apparently not bright enough to figure it out, lol. I hope you find your answers!

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