My psychiatric nurse.

I have a psychiatric nurse come round to my house every other Wednesday. Supposedly to talk to me about everything and help.

He doesn’t, and I don’t like him, he annoys me. 

I saw him today for like the 2nd time I think. I don’t feel able to talk to him and tell him stuff. And I’m scared he will tell my mum anything I tell him. So I don’t tell him anything which obviously isn’t helping the situation but I just don’t feel able to talk to him and tell him stuff. So I told him I was fine, made small talk for a bit then I rushed him out the door and told my mum I didn’t want to see him again and that I just told him I was fine when I’m not. 

He’s put me on an emotional coping skills course, which is fine and I’m open to going to that. Got a phone call today about it and it starts next Friday. But I just don’t want to see him anymore. 

I’m going to talk to my new psychologist about it tomorrow when I see her and then hopefully I won’t have to see him again. Because I really don’t want to. Hopefully I can just do the emotional coping skill course and not have to see my psychiatric nurse again. And then just continue seeing my new psychologist who I actually like and feel able to talk to. 


2 thoughts on “My psychiatric nurse.

  1. Maybe they have more than one nurse and when you tell the psych that you don’t feel comfortable around him they can send out another. You could also check with her to make sure that the psych nurses are held to the same confidentiality laws as the doctors. If they are, it would help you to be more open to the next nurse. Just some ideas. I hope they help.

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