General update.

Haven’t been feeling so great. With my Triptans not working and the Mirtazapine I’m on as a headache preventative not working either, I’ve been dealing with a lot of disappointment. 

I’ve also been feeling quite lonely, miserable and stuck. All my friends are off to uni like this weekend. They are all moving on with their lives and I’m just kind of left the only way to describe it is stuck. And I’m angry. Not at them, but at everything. At the fact that I’m not normal, I’m sick, and I can’t go to uni like everyone else. 

Then today there was a stress with my medication. I was meant to now be getting my POTS medication prescribed by my GP, instead of my POTS professor in London. Got a call from the pharmacy today saying that less than a months worth of only one of my 3 medications was going to cost just under £500. Which is ridiculous as it never costs that much when I have previously got my medication from up in London. So my mum made some calls, and found out we can get my medication from the hospital in London where my POTS professor works at and we could get a 4 months supply for under £50. Compared to just under £500 we were quoted from the pharmacy at my GP’s. So I emailed my professor and asked if he can do me a prescription and if I could pick it up next week. I run out of one of my meds on Tuesday so if I can’t pick up the prescription and get it into the pharmacy before Saturday so they can order it in cause it’s quite large quantities. Then after Tuesday I will go into withdrawal. Which means I will be blacking out, fainting and having what looks like a seizure all over the place. So that’s not good. Waiting to hear back from my professor now to see if he can do it in time. 

Saw my psychologist today. She gave me some sheets to fill in. Ones a pain diary, another is an activity diary and the other is writing down when I’m specifically feeling bad and what happened. So I’ve got to do all that till I see her next week. 

Also my flights are booked back to Dubai for 10 days on the 29th of September, so just over 2 weeks to go till I get to go back for a bit. Which I’m really looking forward to. 


3 thoughts on “General update.

  1. I’m sorry you continue to struggle with all this. Being sick isn’t easy, is it? I hope you get your meds and enjoy your trip. Was wondering how you have been doing. Stay strong.

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