Some exciting and happy news for once.

I’ve been doing Tae Kwon-do since I was about 8. Got my black belt when I was just 13, about a year later I moved to Dubai, found a Tae Kwon-do school out there, all be it a slightly different type of the martial art, but it was good enough. Since moving back to England I have gone back to my old Tae Kwon-do school which has been great and I go to training like nearly every day of the week, depending on how I am feeling on that particular day, but I try to go most days. 

When I was younger I use to be real trouble, and mess around with my friends instead of training properly. My instructor even says now to me that I use to be really bad and a handful to teach. It wasn’t just me though, there were a few others. But I put in hardly any effort and didn’t really care. Though I mustn’t have been that bad because I did manage to get my black belt which are hard to get. But I wasn’t good either, I was average. 

But I grew up…eventually, and started doing it properly and taking it seriously. I really enjoy it now and try to go as often as I can. 

Last night my instructor said to me that I am good enough to take my 2nd Dan black belt grading which is like a higher level of black belt than the one I have at the minute which is 1st Dan. I was so pleased and happy that he thinks I am good enough to take it. Last night in training my instructor was going through the black belt patterns with me and some other black belts who are quite a fair bit younger than me and haven’t had a black belt that long either. He was saying to them (didn’t include me) that they need to put in more effort and not take it easy just cause they have reached black belt. They reminded me and my instructor of myself when I was younger and just got my black belt quite a few years ago now. Afterwards I spoke to my instructor and he said he wasn’t including me in what he was saying because I’m not like that anymore and have got a lot better. And am taking my training seriously and training quite a lot. 

This made me really happy, I’ve never actually been told that I’m good at Tae Kwon-do. But I’m really pleased my instructor has been seeing how much better I am and my dedication to training. 

Really cheered me up after having a rubbish day at group therapy, and was just what I needed to hear. 


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