This time next week I will be home.

Next Sunday I am off home to Dubai, unfortunately only for just over 2 weeks. But that’s better than nothing. I was really upset that I had to leave Dubai and move back to England. I really didn’t want to, cried so much when I found out I would have to stay here for a couple of years, and I hardly ever cry. Despite what’s been going on. 

So this time next week I will be home. Reunited with my sister and my Dad. Am really close with my sister so it’s been really hard with me living in England and her living in Dubai. It’s been hard on my whole family to be honest. And I often feel guilty about it having to be this way, I wish it didn’t have to be but unfortunately it has to be at the minute. 

Although it will be different being in Dubai when none of my friends will be there anymore as they have all gone off to uni now mainly in England. But it will be good to spend some time with my family especially my sister. There’s a few other people that I am also looking forward to seeing as well. 

Also get to be reunited with my car. Haven’t been able to drive since I left Dubai as my licence isn’t valid in England. So I will be able to drive again which I am excited about. 

Really looking forward to going home for a bit. Hope this week goes fast, I want to be there already! 


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