In Dubai, but the pain is awful.

Got to Dubai late last night/early this morning. Flight was okay and it’s so lovely to be back. Didn’t sleep much last night and got up early to see my sister before she went to school. Then went back to bed for a nap. 

This morning was okay, pain wasn’t too bad and I managed to go out for a drive in my car, which was lovely. Then my pain levels started creeping up. Now the pain is awful, it’s so bad. Took one of my new Triptans but it hasn’t kicked in yet and I’m starting to doubt it’s going to help. Which won’t be a surprise as none of the others have helped and I’m now on the final type before I have tried every single type of Triptan. 

The pain is bad and so sharp. It’s times like this where I doubt how much longer I can cope for. 

Got a few nice things planned for the next couple of days, get to see my school counselor on Wednesday, then meeting up with my old PE teacher on Thursday who has just had a baby so we are going out for coffee, which should be nice. So looking forward to Wednesday and Thursday, just hope the pain isn’t too bad and ruins it all. 


3 thoughts on “In Dubai, but the pain is awful.

  1. Glad to hear the flight didn’t set off any migraines, sorry to hear you’ve had to use one of your new triptans. Sumatriptan has become like a tylenol for me when bad migraine kicks in now, it does nothing. I hope you find some relief, and good luck with the next couple of days. I certainly know that feeling of coming close to the pain not being bearable, but I’m sure some enjoyable social interaction will help a bunch after being indoors with awful pain!

    • I’ve now tried every single type of Triptan and they don’t even touch the pain, I’m annoyed at the fact that another type hasn’t worked but I’m not exactly surprised. Going to have to go back to my neuro and ask for something better, hopefully he will give me something. Thanks!

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