Had a nice couple of days, but tough pain wise.

Had a nice afternoon yesterday, went into my old school to see the school nurses who I am close with, and my school counsellor. Was lovely to see them all and had a nice chat with my counsellor. Been told I need to start yoga, and also start volunteering somewhere or do a course or something when I get back to England so I have stuff to do whereas at the minute I’m just staying in bed mostly. So going to get on that. Seeing her again next week. 

But pain wise I had a rough day, by the evening the pain was awful, yet again. So I took another Triptan, knowing it probably wouldn’t work because it didn’t the last time I tried it a few days ago, but have to try it three times before I rule it out completely. 

Then today I went out for a late breakfast with my old PE teacher and her new baby. Which was so lovely, and her baby is so cute. So got a cuddle of her and got to feed her her bottle as well. 

The pain hasn’t been too bad today, *touch wood*. But I have emailed my neurologist asking if there is anything better he can give me for the pain because all the types of triptans I have tried and I’ve now tried every single type available don’t help or even touch the pain at all. Hopefully he will come back with something else for the pain because I can’t keep going like this and desperately need something that will help the pain. Especially if I have to wait a couple of years for surgery and none of the preventative medications I have tried have helped, I’ve got one left to try, but if that doesn’t help I don’t really know what to do or what my next step is. All I know is I need something for the pain, anything that will help.  


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