Back in England update.

So I got back to England on Tuesday, it’s actually quite nice to be back, which is weird. Been to Tae Kwon-do a couple of times which was good. And today I went to my group therapy course type thing, which was okay, I missed last weeks cause I was away but I didn’t really miss much. I never have to courage to speak when I’m there so I kind of just sit there quietly listening to what the people running it and other people there have to say. Maybe one day I will have the courage to actually say something in a session. 

Also spoke to my new care coordinator/psychiatric nurse. It’s a woman this time, and she sounds quite nice, so hopefully she is and this time I will be able to talk to her, because the previous two guys I had were rubbish and I didn’t feel able to talk to them. So hopefully it will be different this time. 

I have a doctors appointment with my GP on Tuesday, going to ask/beg her to give me something for the pain because my neuro won’t and I’m desperate for some relief. Plus if there is nothing more my neuro can do for me but wait for surgery which is at least a 2 year wait, well honestly I don’t think I will survive the wait i I don’t get something for the pain. I just hope she understands and gives me something, I suppose if she won’t then I will have to go to a pain management specialist, and hope they understand and give me something for the pain. Quite nervous about my appointment with her to be honest, scared she won’t give me anything. 

Didn’t see my psychologist this week as she couldn’t make my appointment, so seeing her next Thursday. Have quite a bit of homework to do for her still. She sent me some mindfullness and deep breathing recordings which I haven’t listened to yet so I need to do that. 

As for how I’m feeling, I’m feeling pretty rubbish to be honest. The pain has been awful which has a huge impact on my mood. But generally I feel miserable all the time, just even more miserable when the pain is really bad. I’m trying to hang in there but it’s hard when everything seems so bleak. 


7 thoughts on “Back in England update.

  1. Things will get better soon. They have to, right? Just hang in there. I’m suffering right along with you because I’ve been there. Like you said, if your GP won’t do anything there’s always a pain specialist. Why do you have to wait 2 years for surgery?

    • Thanks, sorry you are also suffering! I live in England and there is issues with the NHS funding system for surgery, don’t know when they will sort it all out and will start approving this sort of surgery again, so it’s going to be at least a two year wait :/

      • So, like every surgery has a two-year wait? Even emergency surgeries, how do they fo,those? One obviously can’t wait for[ emergencies. Do you think that national healthcare is superior to what we have here in the U.S.A.?

      • Not emergency surgeries and some other surgeries are fine I think. But the NHS havent decided if they are going to approve funding for any occipital nerve stimulation surgery. Then once they have decided which they have no clue when they are going to decided getting approved for funding could still take like a year and then after that you have to go on the surgery waiting list which is 6months long. So it’s a long and very frustrating process. The NHS are pretty useless to be honest I see my neurologist and other doctors privately because the waiting time to get seen by my neuro is 2 years long which is ridiculous!

  2. Love reading these awards things. I don’t get much time to myself & can’t get into them any more but they always make for an excellent post, they do 🙂 Enjoyed this 🙂

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