Doctors appointment.

So I went to see my GP yesterday to discuss getting something for the pain. We had a long chat and I told her that I don’t think that I will survive the wait till surgery if I don’t get something for the pain. She asked me what I was asking for, and I replied with, something for the pain when it’s at it’s worst. Which I think is a very reasonable request. 

First we are going to try a triptan nasal spray in the hope that getting a triptan into my system quicker than the pill form might help. She said her main goal was to get me some relief in whatever way is possible. She is open to trying opiates if that is what I end up needing to get me some relief from the pain. Though she did say that she can’t go against what my neuro says but if I have evidence from other medical professionals that they think I should be on something stronger for the pain, then she can do something about it. She is very nice and understanding. She also said that if there is anyway she can help speed up the process of getting surgery she would write a letter to whoever needed one. I doubt there is any way she can help speed things up but it was a nice offer. 

So I’m happy to try this nasal spray first before we talk about anything stronger. Overall I am pleased with how the appointment went. 


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