I thought they were helping, I guess not.

So my GP gave me triptan nasal sprays, for when the pain is bad to see if getting a triptan into my system quicker than the pill form would help. I had 4 to try, tried them twice when the pain was quite bad but not at it’s worst, and they seemed to help a little bit. But today the pain is bad so I took one but it hasn’t seemed to help much, so I took another cause you can take another one a couple of hours later. But it hasn’t seemed to help either.

I’m disappointed yet again at most probably another failed medication. And now I don’t know what to do, I just got my GP to prescribe me some more of them because I thought they were helping, will probably try them a couple more times before ruling them out. Guess I’m going to have to go back to my GP, she said there is another triptan nasal spray I can try if this one doesn’t work, but the likelihood of that helping when all of the others haven’t helped is small.

Then there’s the problem of if none of them work what do I do. I need something for the pain otherwise I won’t survive the wait till surgery. And right now I’m struggling to say the least. With starting cutting again and all that. I’m seeing my neuro on the 20th but he won’t give me anything stronger than triptans. And my GP can’t go against what he says. But it’s unfair to make me suffer for god knows how long till I can get surgery, and I won’t survive the wait if I get nothing for the pain. Really stuck at what to do?!


5 thoughts on “I thought they were helping, I guess not.

  1. Sian, if you get a chance will you go to my blog? I reposted a new blogger who also has daily headaches, although for a different reason than yours. Do you think you could read over her blog and give her any suggestions you might have? The comment won’t post right away, she moderates them, but I thought it would be nice to get some feedback (and maybe some followers) from other headache sufferers. You’re a doll. I’m sorry the nasal spray isn’t working out so far. I’m still here any time you need to talk, ok?

  2. I live with an incurable chronic pain condition and believe me, I know how hopeless it feels when medication doesn’t help. When pain is at its worst, it’s most likely too late for meds to help too much. You’ve got to try to nip it in the bad but not worst stage. There are many things you can do aside from medication to help with pain as well, including mental excercises since pain response does indeed happen in the brain, which causes the pain in whatever area you feel it. Check out this blog for more info:http://sunlightinwinter.com/overcoming-pain/

    My condition is not a nervous system disorder but this all still helped me. Wishing you well!

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