Doctors appointment.

Today I had a doctors appointment with my GP. Only I didn’t actually get to see my GP as she wasn’t in for some reason or another, which frustrated me, cause it’s always hard having to see a new cover doctor who doesn’t know your case and what’s going on with you. But give her her due she had actually spoken to my GP about me. 

The cover doctor told me that my GP has written to my neurologist about me as she doesn’t know what to do with me as my case is so complicated and she’s at the end of her expertise. Which is quite depressing when a doctor doesn’t know how to help you. I told her that the triptan nasal sprays my GP gave me don’t work. So she gave me another type of triptan nasal spray to try. I asked if I would be able to get a referral for pain management and she said she would speak to my GP about it and her know that I have asked for one. She said she was not comfortable taking me off of my preventative medication Memantine (Namenda/Ebixa) without first speaking to my neurologist. So I have to wait till next Wednesday when I see him to discuss that also. 

But I know my neuro is basically going to say on Wednesday that there is nothing more he can do but wait for surgery. And he won’t give me anything stronger than triptans for the pain. What I really need is a referral to pain management. But it looks like I’m not going to be able to get one for quite a while, as I see my neuro on Wednesday and then on Friday I’m off to Dubai for 10 days. So I won’t be able to see my GP before I get back to discuss what to do next.

Sigh, this process is so long and frustrating, why can’t someone just treat me for my fucking pain already?! 


2 thoughts on “Doctors appointment.

  1. Reading your Blogs I wish I was with you going to your Dr appointments! Some Doctors over look the pain we live daily. They do not take you in as an individual with your needs.. I want to shake them and explain what other doctors are doing!

    For you and your daily struggle, have you tried meditation? Im not joking.. I started with 5 min. In the morning and 5 min in the after noon and 5 min at night and each time increased the time. There is something about sitting in a quiet space, and calming my brain that I have noticed less pain. The pressure is still constant but less pain. I also use a Tapping technique, every time I start over thinking Anything I tap on the inside of my wrist and say “life is good” or “I am loved” slowing down your brain can also help your head, maybe?

    Medication, Have you ever used Topamax as a daily migraine medication. I am up to 200mg daily and have a few less migraines a month (not much but enough:) or Maxalt, it is a med to use at the time of a migraine. Also if you Dr is will to try some non Narcotics there are some great muscle relaxers that I use daily Cyclobenzaprine. Or I have tried Baclofen. Its worth talking to them about. Muscle relaxers can be used to prevent the onset of the migraines, present it to your Dr that way. Using them every other day with pain meds can also help prevent, manage but also not allow medication headaches.

    Going into your next app. it sounds like you need to have a plan of what you want! Tell your Dr what you expect for your care. Remember its your body and it his his responsibility to treat you. You have the right to get a second opinion with out fear. You have you right to live with less pain. I hope that you are having a great day!!! and that your next appointment is a good one:)

    • I’ve been working on mindfulness meditation with my pain psychologist and also go to a group therapy course which has a lot of mindfulness in it. It’s hard but I’m trying with it little bits every day. I’ve tried Topamax with no luck, tried so many preventatives none of them have helped in the slightest.
      Seeing my neurologist on wednesday so will have to wait and see what he says. If he can’t offer me anything in terms of getting some relief, I will be back at my GP asking for a pain management referral. Which is highly likely what will happen. Thanks wishing you a low pain day also!

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