No one knows what to do with me anymore.

So I have a psychologist who is very good, she specialises in treating those with chronic pain. I really like her she’s understanding and talking to her helps a lot. I also have a mental health care coordinator on the NHS, who comes round to see me every couple of weeks. And I’ve been doing this emotional coping skills group course through the NHS for the past 11 weeks and it’s the last session next Friday. It hasn’t really helped all that much to be honest. 

But I was talking with my care coordinator on Tuesday when she came round about what I was going to do after the group course finishes. She said she would speak to one of the psychologists at the place she comes from about me and what to do next. The psychologist happens to be one of the people that has been helping run the course I’ve been on so I’ve met him a few times and he seems alright. 

When I saw my care coordinator on Friday at the group course (she was sitting in on it this week), she spoke to me and said the psychologist she spoke to suggested having a meeting with my pain psychologist and them both about what to do next. I don’t really think they know what to do with me anymore or how to help me. My care coordinator has even said that she doesn’t know what to do now. 

It makes me feel quite depressed that mental health professionals don’t even know what to do with me or how to help anymore. I guess I really am helpless. No doctors can help me anymore and seemingly mental health professionals don’t know what to do anymore either. 

There is no end in sight, I’m always going to be in pain so I’m always going to be depressed. 


6 thoughts on “No one knows what to do with me anymore.

  1. Its not hopeless. My neurologist once told me i was his hardest case he has right now. I almost broke down infront of him. Seeing my reaction he must have realized how he said it. He then said I’m special, and it just means that he gets to focus more time on me. “Don’t lose hope” he said. We will figure this out…

    Your special too. In pain, but special and someday they will figure out how to help you.

  2. Don’t give up! I have seen 5 neurologists since first becoming chronic and a lot of things they have said to me made me cry (It was a really desperate time for me and I am already a very sensitive person!) Some said I have to live with the pain or that I have to suffer to get better. But the worst neuro told me that I was a very complicated and sensitive (to all meds) young woman. This really broke me and then i thought maybe I am really complicated and no one can figure me out. But then I met two new neurologist who never said anything like that to me and who said they will try to help me until I get better. My primary physician always told me that we will find a solution to this, and no matter how many things i ask her she has never once said I am complicated. Its a long process and its all about finding the right people to help you. Do not give up hope, there will be better times ahead.

    • Sorry to hear neurologists have treated you like that in the past. The thing is I have a very good neuro, one of the top ones for headache in England, the problem is that I’ve ran out of things to try, cause I’ve literally tried everything and nothing has helped, my neuro says there is nothing more he can do for me but wait for surgery which is looking like at least a 2 year wait, so I just have to continue suffering as there is nothing stronger than triptans he can give me if I want surgery. It all just seems so helpless and hopeless.

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