Off back to England tomorrow, looking forward to getting back but I know my mum is not. I actually quite like living in England now though I know my mum does not. Wasn’t meant to be coming back to Dubai till April, and was looking forward to having a long stretch in England but now my mum wants to come back late Feb early March. So I have to come back too, because where I live in England is a small village with no public transport services so if I stayed in England I would basically be house bound. I can’t drive in England yet. Although I have a licence in Dubai it’s not transferable to a UK licence which is really annoying but I can understand why given the driving of a lot of people in Dubai. I’ve applied for my provisional licence but because of my health conditions they won’t give a me a provisional without first talking to my doctors. So I’m still waiting for it to come through, am hoping something will be waiting for me when I get back home tomorrow. Then I will have to learn manual as I can only drive automatic at the minute and take my theory, I think the practical won’t take me long as I can already drive a car, but I think the theory will be the hardest part. Once I’ve got my licence and have a car I won’t be coming to Dubai as often, it’s nice to see my dad and sister but there isn’t really anything here for me to do anymore, I have more in England now and prefer it there. 

This time in Dubai hasn’t been too bad though as some of my friends who have all gone off to uni have been here which has been nice. And I’ve caught up with my school counsellor and my old psychologist which has been nice. But I’m ready to go home. Which is weird as I now consider England my home and actually like living there now. 

The pain hasn’t been too good since I’ve been here though, and it’s really bad now as well. In a weeks time it will be my headaches 4 year anniversary so I always struggle with my thoughts this time of year. Makes me even more depressed the anniversaries do. 


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