Absolutely furious.

So I got home from Dubai yesterday. And waiting for me was a couple of letters, so I opened them as you do, and it was a report from my neurologist from when I saw him late November. The report stated that I manage my pain with tramadol, wait WHAT?! I don’t manage my pain with tramadol, I’ve never taken or touched the stuff so I certainly haven’t told anyone that I manage my pain with it because I’ve never taken it. 

From what I understand tramadol is a centrally acting opioid analgesic meaning I can’t take it anyway as it would mean I would no longer be a suitable candidate for surgery. So the letter says that I take tramadol to manage my pain and then two paragraphs down it says that if I take any opioid medication I will no longer be a candidate for surgery and that I hav to decide whether I want to take opiate medication or wait for surgery. Which was a hard decision but I decided to wait for surgery and my neuro knows this. If he thinks that I am on any of this sort of medication it will mess up my chances of getting surgery. 

This letter obviously wasn’t written by my neuro and I have no clue where they got the WRONG information from but it was definitely not from me. I’m absolutely furious, tomorrow they are getting a very angry phone call from me and also a very angry letter, though words can’t fully describe how angry I am about the whole situation. And if this has messed up my surgery chances I will be even more livid. 


4 thoughts on “Absolutely furious.

  1. Oh my goodness…I’ve had struggles with the medical system too and have seen such errors cause nothing but trouble for people who are already suffering so much. I’m sorry this happened…hope it gets sorted out soon and you get the help you need.

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