I now remember.

So today I have started studying for my Tae Kwon Do 2nd Dan grading which hopefully will be in October, fingers crossed and also my driving theory test. I wrote up a time table which consists of just under 3 hours worth of studying a day with several breaks in between. So it’s not actually that much. Need to ease myself back into studying as I haven’t done any studying for anything in a long time. It’s over a year since I dropped out of school so I haven’t done any studying since then, and lets be honest the last 2 years before that I didn’t really do any studying either. So it’s been a long time since I’ve done any studying at all. But I now remember why, I’ve just completed the first hour and a half worth of Tae Kwon Do theory and it’s made the pain worse which is making it hard to concentrate. But I still have about another hour to go before I’m done for the day. 

I’m determined to stick with this but it’s going to be really hard. I don’t want the pain to get so bad that I’m ruined for the rest of the day and won’t be able to go to actual Tae Kwon Do training in the evening, but I need to study also. I struggle with my concentration and memory because of the pain so it’s really hard when trying to concentrate actually makes the pain worse. 


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