Drivers licence denied.

So got a letter today from the DVLA saying my application for a provisional drivers licence has been denied due to psychiatric illness. I had to fill in a load of medical forms when I applied about my POTS and my mental health, I gave them the details of my GP, POTS consultant, psychologist and local mental health team for them to contact. I find out today that they only contacted my GP, who wrote back to them about my fitness to drive, presumably she didn’t say anything good, as I’ve been denied, but she is calling me on Tuesday and I’m going to ask what she actually said to them. They didn’t contact my psychologist or local mental health team, and if they had I probably wouldn’t have got denied as I know they would’ve said that I am fit to drive and fully support me getting a drivers licence. 

I’m furious, if they had just contacted the contacts I had given them this probably wouldn’t have happened. But they only went a bloody contacted my GP who I’ve seen maybe five times tops, and that was when my mental health was at it’s worse. If they had contacted the people who actually look after my mental health they would have seen that I’m fit to drive. 

On the letter I received today the last paragraph said that if I had any additional information for them about my fitness to drive to send it to them and it would be considered. I rang up the DVLA an hour ago to ask them about it all, they said that they had got enough information from my GP to make a decision. The mind boggles as to why they can make a decision about a persons fitness to drive without even speaking to said person. So I’m getting my psychologist to write to them and my care coordinator saying they think I’m fit to drive and that they fully support me in getting a drivers licence. And hopefully that will get my case reconsidered, but the woman on the phone said there were no guarantees that it would make a difference.

If I can’t get my case reconsidered I will have to wait another 6 months before I can apply again. Which means another 6 months of my mum driving me around and me not being able to stay in England if my mum wants to go to Dubai because I won’t be able to drive and I live in a remote village so would be housebound the entire time my mum was away.

I’m so angry. Not having a good week at all!   


4 thoughts on “Drivers licence denied.

  1. Wow is that ever frustrating!! Was it the POTS that they based the refusal on? I’ve never considered someone who is mentally ill unfit to drive unless they’re seriously out of touch with reality, which you seem to be the opposite of!

    I’m so sorry to hear this. Especially as they won’t let you appeal for six months!? How ridiculous.

      • I’m not sure of the laws out there but I say fight for your rights as hard as you can. There are a lot of stupid procedures here in Canada too but when you start making noise, they find they don’t really want the trouble.

        Clearly a stupid decision on their part. I do hope it works out for you! I’d be lost without a vehicle to take me where I needed to go!!

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