I feel emotionally numb.

Not feeling so great, I feel kind of distanced and emotionally numb. I’ve had a bad week had the anniversary which was hard and then my drivers licence got declined, and for a short while I was angry about that but now I just feel numb. I think I just felt so overwhelmed with everything it being 4 years and all that so I’ve just shut down completely and can’t feel anything. I thought I was starting to feel ‘normal’ people ill, as on Saturday I was feeling very spaced out and distanced. But it’s just turned into numbness. I can feel the pain but at the minute that’s all I’m feeling. It’s like there’s just nothing else there now. 

I don’t really feel able to tell my psychologist or care coordinator this at the minute as I need them to write a letter saying I’m safe to drive (which I am by the way) but I don’t want to give them any reason to doubt that. So I can’t really tell anyone yet and I don’t know what to do.


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