Flare up mode.

So on Friday my mum drove me up north to Birmingham, about a 4 hour drive from where we live in the south, for a taekwondo umpires course I had on Saturday. I wasn’t looking forward to going, I just couldn’t be bothered. But we paid for it and paid for a hotel the night before so I had no choice other than to go. So Saturday morning I went to this course, it was 5 hours long, the first 3 hours were sitting there listening to the master running it talk. And the next two were watching and participating in practical. I find it hard to concentrate for 5 minutes with the pain let alone 5 hours. It was a very boring course as well, even the master running it said it was the most boring course the TAGB run. 

I managed to last the 5 hours, but afterwards the pain started to get bad and it was bad through the whole 4 hour car ride home, and all evening. I then went to bed reasonably early as the pain was so bad I couldn’t do anything else, so sleep was the obvious choice. I managed to get to sleep only to be woken up by the pain at 12am, being woken up by the pain doesn’t usually happen, very rarely. I managed to get back to sleep eventually and woke back up at 9am. But this morning the pain isn’t great either, it’s better than it was last night but no doubt it will get worse later. 

My psychologist told me to take it easy today and then start on my timetable tomorrow. My timetable includes 10 minutes of studying to try and get me back into doing some studying. My original timetable included three 45 minutes sessions of studying and I found it was too much and it made my head worse. So we reduced it to two 20 minute sessions but that was too much also cause I couldn’t bring myself to do it. So now we are down to two 5 minute sessions. In an attempt to find my baseline and then build from there. So I have to attempt that tomorrow. It sounds easy when you think it’s only 10 minutes but it’s actually really hard, as I struggle to find the motivation to do anything. 


3 thoughts on “Flare up mode.

  1. Good afternoon Sian, i have has NDPH for about 5 years and followed the same well trodden path that other sufferers have tried, various forms of Anti depressants, Cranial Osteopathy, and most recently – surgery for a deviated septum. My headaches are centered around thew eyes and the nose surgery is aimed at seeing if any sinus issues contribute to the pain. Something i use which has some positive effect – if only small is to chew gum – Wrigley’s Airwaves – perhaps this is Psychosomatic in it’s effect but i thought none the less given your “battles” it might be worth a shot

    • Hi i got some relief after chewing a gum . I am having very hard time it seems I have the symtom of new daily persistant headach . could you please suggest what is the mechanism behind getting some relief with gum.

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