To go or not to go?!

So in the summer of 2012 I went to Leeds festival, for those of you that don’t know what that is because you are from a different country and not England, it’s like a huge three day music festival where you camp there for three days. In 2012 I went with a bunch of my friends from Dubai, when I bought my ticket I was really keen to go but then it got to about a week before it and I really couldn’t be bothered to go. But I went anyway, and had quite a good time. Although I spent quite a lot of the time in my tent sleeping because I was so tired so missed quite a few of the bands play. But I made the best of it and did what I could and it was alright.

My friends from Dubai are going again this year and I have to decide whether or not I want to go. And I’m not sure if I do, my friends are now all uni students into drinking and smoking weed and stuff. And I’m not into that at all, I don’t drink anymore because I don’t really like it and the last time I smoked weed I had a seizure so I won’t be doing that again. The thing is, blink-182 are playing this year and they are one of my all time favourite bands, and it will probably be the only opportunity I ever get to see them play live. There’s also a few other bands that have been announced that I would quite like to see also.

The whole festival ticket costs around £200 and that’s just for the ticket. It would cost me a lot to even get to Leeds, as I live down south near Bournemouth, so it’s like at the opposite end of the country to where I live. They run Reading festival as well which is exactly the same festival as Leeds but down south and a lot closer to where I live. But most of my friends from Dubai are northern or from Scotland so they want to go to Leeds.

Luckily my headache is not affected by loud noises so listening to bands play loudly wouldn’t be an issue, but if the pain gets bad whilst I’m there I could be wiped out sleeping in the tent all day because the pain is so bad so it would then be a waste of money. Also the whole event last time made me so tired that I spent most of the time asleep so that’s a waste of money as well.  I have enough money to buy a ticket but I just don’t think it’s worth it and I’m not even sure if I want to go or not. I’m just not sure in my decision and am not sure if I will regret my decision when it gets nearer to the festival which is at the end of August.


12 thoughts on “To go or not to go?!

  1. Just a thought, but why not buy a ticket and then if you don’t feel like going a few weeks prior to the event, sell it to someone? Post it on a free buy and sell…I know it’s a huge deal, that festival, and I’m from Canada. I doubt you’d have to work very hard to sell it… That said, I know it’s an expensive ticket. :S Hope it all works out for you. I avoid things that I’d have fun doing because of the pain I’m in too.

    • Yeah could do that, but like you said it’s a lot of money. Also find it really hard being with my friends for long periods of time because I just feel so different from them all now. None of them have to deal with chronic pain and the things that come with it, they’re just normal teenagers.

  2. Why don’t you go to the one closer to you when it starts. I’m sure you have some friends from where you live that would be willing to go with you. You would be closer to home, the ticket price may be lower, you would spend less in transportation, and you wouldn’t feel so separated from people who you no longer have a lot in common with. That is, if the bands you like will be there.

    • I would but I don’t have any friends that live near me to go with. I have zero friends where I live, I had friends here before I moved to Dubai but they all ditched me a couple of years ago and now I have no one :/

      • I would go with you if I were there. You might not want to go with an old lady, though. And my travel expenses would be horrendous. But if I were already there, I would go with you…maybe some of your Dubai friends can be convinced to go to the smaller one. I suppose it’s worth a try. The worst they could say is no.

      • Haha thanks I would go with you too if you were here. They won’t go to the reading one purely because it will be more expensive for them to travel down south than it would be to go to the Leeds one plus most of them have already bought their tickets for the Leeds one. I probably won’t go to be honest. Really struggle being with my friends for a couple of hours because of how different I feel and I just can’t stand that feeling. So a whole weekend with them would be hard. And that’s not including how tired it would make me and then of course there’s the pain as well.

      • I agree that it probably isn’t worth it. Money and pain aside, if you’re able to life an alcohol and drug-free lifestyle, then I think it would be really difficult to be around, although quite funny. Have you ever been the designated driver and able to laugh at the stupid things people do when they drink? It’s hilarious!

      • Yeah. In Dubai I have as I drive there so cause I don’t drink and don’t stay long at gatherings and such i drive there and back plus it’s good for an easy escape and not having to wait for a taxi. Unfortunately in England I can’t drive as my licence isn’t transferable to a uk one and the driving authority here denied me a provisional licence due to psychiatric illness having huge arguments with them at the minute to try and get a licence. It’s really annoying as I live in a secluded village with no public transport so have to always rely on my mum driving me places at the minute. Sighhh.

      • Yeah, I read about that. I’m sorry. But I’m sure you’ll get it straightened out soon. I would have a serious talk with your doctor if I were you. Maybe letters from your psychiatrist and psychologist sent to your GP will make him better understand the situation in the event he’s called again for information.

      • Yeah it’s really annoying my psych and local mental health team have written to the driving authority so hopefully they will reconsider. If not I have to wait another 6 months to re apply.

      • I hope they’ll reconsider. I think that driving equals freedom and that you should be allowed unless you have something really dangerous like uncontrolled seizures. I’ve never heard of them (by them I mean here, in the states) turning anyone down for mental illness. That’s just dumb.

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