Not even been here a day.

So I’ve not even been in Dubai a day yet and the pain is already bad, so it’s not looking good for the next 9 days here. I woke up pretty late today cause of the time difference which is 4 hours ahead of England, and the pain wasn’t too bad then, and then I managed to shower and go for a drive before it got too bad. But this late afternoon/evening it has got a lot worse. And now I’m led in bed in a lot of pain. It hasn’t quite got to the stage where I’m so incapacitated by pain I can hardly move and feel like there are a hundred knives in my head cause the pain is so sharp and intense, but I can feel it slowly creeping up. The problem is I can’t go to sleep yet cause it’s too early, well it’s 10pm but that’s like 6pm UK time so I won’t be able to sleep yet if I go to bed now. Which is annoying cause all I want is to sleep so I can have a bit of a break from the pain.


It’s got to the point that I don’t like coming to Dubai and I don’t enjoy it because the pain gets so bad here. Don’t get me wrong it’s nice to see my Dad and sister but the pain is so intense here that I can hardly do anything anyway. So I would rather be in England.  


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