Finally some good news.

So I’m in Dubai so obviously can’t check my mail to see if anything came from the DVLA about my appeal for a provisional licence, so I got my neighbor to check it for me to see if anything came. Well today a letter came from the DVLA, my neighbor said that the letter said to check with my doctor and then re apply, and enclosed forms to reapply with. I’m so god damn pleased that they didn’t just say no and that they took on board the letter that my psychologist and mental health team wrote to them saying they think I’m safe to drive. They could quite easily have just said no and to wait another 6 months before I can reapply. But they didn’t so that must be a good sign right?! 

I’m going to enclose letter from my doctor and psychologist in my reapplication saying that they think I’m safe to drive, and hopefully I will get the answer I’m hoping for. Though I know it’s not guaranteed and they could just say no again and that will cause me to be even more heartbroken if they decline me again, but I’m trying to be positive and not think about that. 


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