So I’m meant to be doing 10 minutes of taekwondo studying a day, to find my baseline of what I can handle and build up from there. As studying is a big issue for me as it increases my pain levels due to concentrating. Yesterday I felt reasonably good for once, still had pain as always but it was quite low so I started some studying and I kind of got carried away with making flash cards that I did over 2 hours worth of making flash cards. Which was okay and there wasn’t much concentration involved in making them, and it didn’t increase my pain too badly.

Today I was meant to see my school counsellor/friend, but she had to cancel as she had to go home with her son as he was sick, but I spoke to her on the phone and I will be seeing her at some point in the next few days. Also she said she is having problems with her email so she didn’t get the 7 emails I sent her. Was scared she was ignoring me, but she actually said that she was surprised she hadn’t heard from me recently, which she thought was strange as we usually email at least every week. I actually sent her 7 emails in the space of a week and a half cause I am having such a bad time but she didn’t get them which is why I hadn’t heard from her. So I’m seeing her soon which I’m happy about as I love talking to her. 

So instead of seeing her I did some studying, and again I got carried away with making flash cards so I did probably about an hour. And now my pain is worse so turns out that was a bad idea, oops. But I actually had motivation for once so I didn’t want to stop. 


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