So before I had this blog I had tumblr, originally I had just one and it started off as me just posting picture I liked of bands and other stuff like that. But I then started following a lot of people with depression and who self harmed and posted depression sort of pictures and ones of self harming and stuff like that. As I got more depressed I used my tumblr to express that and became sort of like a depression and self harm blog. At one point I had over 1,000 followers. It was sort of an outlet for my emotions by posting them sort of pictures. I never posted pictures of myself self harming or my cuts, I draw the line at that but I reblogged hundreds of photos of self harm and depression pictures. I then created another tumblr linked to my main blog and on there I would just write, sort of like I do on here but smaller. I haven’t used them in like a year now, since I got this blog.

But tumblr is getting a lot of bad press about these sort of blogs at the minute, after a girl with a similar blog to mine committed suicide. I went back onto my tumblr for the first time in ages the other day and a thing popped up when I logged in about terms and conditions of tumblr. Usually I don’t even read those things I just click the accept button. But I clicked on one part of it to read it and it said something about depression and self harm blogs and how they will not be tolerated. I clicked accept anyway and went onto my blog. I was going to delete it but then I realised I only really wanted to delete my main blog and not the one I wrote a bunch of posts on just the picture one. But to delete the main one I had to delete both, so I just left it. But today I heard more about it on the news on the radio, saying that tumblr are in talks with UK politicians about the safety of these sort of blogs on Tumblr, with Tumblr saying it “draws lines” at harmful content like self-harm blogs. So I have now deleted my blog.

I’m not ashamed of my tumblr or what I posted, it was an outlet for me when I most needed it. And I know that most people would think that these sorts of blogs are bad and harmful, and maybe they are for some, but for others they are a lifeline, for me it certainly was. I never experienced anything bad about it, never compared my injuries to others and never experienced anyone egging me on to cut. It wasn’t like that for me, I’m sure there are people like that on there but I wasn’t part of it. Tumblr is effectively taking down all these depression and self harm blogs because they think they are harmful, but there are a lot of people on there and out there with these sort of blogs who desperately need them, it’s like an online community and for some to have that taken away from them would be even more harmful. The girl that committed suicide recently, days before her mum had found her tumblr and deleted it. This girl had thousands of followers on there she probably felt like she had just lost thousands of friends, the support network she had, the freedom to express herself and her lifeline. 


6 thoughts on “Tumblr.

  1. I think those people should get help if they truly need it, most of them are just over-glorifying serious mental illnesses and making them trendy. It makes me sick that these blogs exist. It really does.

    • I wasn’t glorifying anything by doing it, I used it as an outlet simple as that and people chose to follow. What you’ve got to realise is that some people aren’t at the stage where they even want help. It was my way of coping and so many others as well. How would you feel if you had your only coping mechanism taken away from you? I don’t think mental illness is trendy, you’ve completely got the wrong end of the stick if you think that, I have severe depression and at that time tumblr was what I needed to be able to express my feelings when I didn’t feel able to talk about them and didn’t have anyone else to talk to about them.

      • I’m not referring to the people who are truly suffering, but can you honestly tell me every million blog like that was someone truly suffering from a mental illness? I understand the outlet I do, but I’m talking about the people who just reposted these things to get re-blogs or follows. because it was trendy on tumblr at that time, and yes it absolutely is a trend. You have to give me that, I am not trying to downplay you’re suffering but you and both know that every one of those people is clinically depressed.

      • I do agree, I don’t believe that every one of them is clinically depressed, and it does frustrate me to extreme levels when ‘normal’ people claim they ‘are so depressed’ and such when really they are just having a bad day and have no clue what depression actually is and is like. And I do believe that many people think it’s ‘cool’ to have a mental illness but clearly them people are deluded and have never experienced mental illness in their lives otherwise they would know it’s not fun and not cool at all. Tumblr was my only way at the time of expressing how I felt, I had no friends and no mental health professionals to talk to along with multiple debilitating chronic illness’.

      • Well, I apologize for coming on so forcefully, it is just a sore subject for me. I’m sorry you lost your outlet, but you can talk to me if you ever feel like it. 🙂 I hope you have a great day

      • It’s fine, nothing wrong with voicing your own opinion. It’s fine it hasn’t been my outlet for over a year I just only deleted it today, use this blog now, is a lot better than tumblr. Thank you, and to you! 🙂

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