Taking another big step.

So I’ve decided how I’m going to start moving forward. I’m applying to two local colleges to do an access to higher education course. This is a way to get into university without A levels, after completion of the course. This is pretty much the only way for me to get into university as I have no other formal qualifications other than GCSE’s, which I did get good grades in. I took 10 and came out with 4 A’s 5 B’s and a C. Which is pretty good considering I took them in June 2010 and I got my headache January 2010.

I have two options that I can apply for: an access course in nursing, midwifery and health professionals, which could potentially lead to me studying nursing at university. Or an access course in psychology at a different college, which of course would lead to a psychology degree. Not too sure which one I want to do.

I think it’s amazing that there are these sorts of courses out there for people like me to be able to get into higher education when they don’t have the normal qualifications. And I think this is the right step for me. I had looked into doing a open university course but I think it will be better for me to be around people instead of just studying at home, and I think that it will be better for my motivation if I don’t have to study at home all the time. Because if I were to do a open university course at home, I can see myself starting it but then lacking the motivation to actually do any work because of the fact that I’m studying at home on my own.  


2 thoughts on “Taking another big step.

  1. I agree, it’s definitely better to be with other students. I nearly did an open university course to finish my degree but ended up going to university instead, so glad I did!

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