How much do I reveal?

So I’m apply to go to college, if you didn’t already know. But I’m having a bit of trouble with the application forms. Like how much do I reveal about myself and my health issues. I don’t want to put them off accepting me before they have even met me. 

I’m apply to two different colleges, one for an access course in psychology and one for an access course in nursing midwifery and health professionals. Not sure which one I want to do so I thought I would apply to both so I have options and see if I get into any of them.

The first one for psychology is a short application form which isn’t very detailed and then they contact you for an interview. The ask the question, do you consider yourself to have a disability, physical, medical or mental? So I’ve said yes, it’s best to be honest as if I say no and then they ask me stuff in the interview and it turns out I’ve lied on my application form that won’t stand me in good light. 

The second one is a bit more detailed and the application form is a lot longer. The ask you to write at least a 300 word essay on why you want to study that particular access course. So I’ve written that, I’ve mentioned that I have a chronic health condition which caused me to have to drop out of school, which is essentially why I’m applying because I have no qualifications that can get me into university. I specifically haven’t mentioned that I myself have a psychiatric illness, but I have mentioned the fact that a lot of people with chronic health conditions can develop mental health issues, and that I want to be able to help in the way that many mental health professionals have helped me.

I suppose if I get an interview and they ask me questions about this sort of stuff I will be honest and I won’t lie but I also won’t tell them absolutely everything as that will really put them off accepting me.

I’m pretty nervous and scared about doing this, like what if I don’t get in at either?! What will I do then, as this is basically my only opportunity to get anywhere and be able to go to university which is what I want. 


10 thoughts on “How much do I reveal?

  1. I suggest you be brief and concise. You do not need to divulge your personal history. I suffer from a chronic headache condition that has affected my life in many ways. However, I have reached a point in my recovery that enables me to now move forward with my educational goals. I feel that a positive outcome from my headaches will be my desire to now enter the health care field to help others deal with their respective health challenges.

    • Yeah I’ve written a 500 word essay, in it I have touched on the fact I have a chronic condition and emphasised that I want to help people because of it. But I have not focused on the fact that I’m ill. If I get an interview and they ask me I will say more but I don’t think I will reveal the entire state of my mental health, though it is much better at the minute than two weeks ago. Just hope it stays that way.

  2. I agree with Debra. I don’t think they will deny access due to mental health issues, legally it’s not allowed. I think you should speak about your illness in a way that shows you have gathered strength from it and that your own experience will help you in that particular field. Good luck!

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