On the right track.

So things are going in a positive direction at the minute.

Just got a call from the doctors about my supporting letter for the DVLA from my GP saying that the letter is ready after I previewed it last week, got to collect it tomorrow. It’s a really good supporting letter saying that I’m now doing quite well, which I am. That I’ve decreased my olanzapine and am being discharged from my local mental health team, which is all true. The letter I received from them said to check with your GP about your fitness to drive and re apply. So I’ve done that my GP thinks I’m safe to drive and has written that in her letter, I’ve got supporting letters from my psychologist and local mental health team saying they think I’m fit to drive. And they are all being sent in with my re application, I honestly can’t see how they can say no this time. I know it’s not guaranteed that I will get my provisional but I can’t see them saying no again and I’m feeling pretty good about it. So can finally send off my re application tomorrow.The only annoying thing is that I’m going to Dubai again for 10 days on the 11th April which is around the time when they will reply with an answer, but I will just get my neighbor who’s a close family friend to check the mail for me whilst I’m away. So feeling pretty positive about that.

I’ve now applied to two colleges sent off my applications the other day, so they should receive them soon as I sent them 1st class, hoping to hear back from at least one of them next week, as on the application it says they should reply within 5 days of receiving it, and will contact you for a interview date. Very nervous and scared that I won’t get in though, but this is a positive blog post so lets not go into that!

I’m also applying for work experience at a hospital near me, it’s very hard to get but I’m applying anyway as it can’t hurt to apply and be considered for it. If they don’t accept me then at least I’ve tried.

It’s my birthday on Sunday, and I’m going to be 20. I wasn’t really looking forward to it as I didn’t really want to turn 20, was just a reminder of how little I had done with my life by 20 because of my pain and illness. But I feel like I’m on the right path to moving forward, so I’m feeling okay about it now. Going out with my mum and some family friends on Saturday night to celebrate it, which should be nice as I haven’t seen them in a while. 

I have an appointment at the hospital next Tuesday with a pain clinic, my GP referred me ages ago. I know there is probably nothing they can do and I’ve even debated about cancelling it, but I think I’m going to go anyway just to see if they can offer any suggestions. If they can’t I think I will be okay, a few weeks ago that would really have got me down but now I think it’ll be alright.

Feeling pretty good about everything right now, feel like I’m on the right track to moving on with my life despite pain. The pain is still there and that hasn’t changed but my thought process has and I’m feeling okay despite the pain being it’s usual unruly self.  


9 thoughts on “On the right track.

  1. I think I’m stuck in the pain still. The moments when things are going okay but I think of something on purpose just to get the feeling of my heart plummeting into my stomach.

    Something I need to work on.

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