The no make up selfie for cancer awareness and donation.

So if you haven’t already heard what this is it’s basically a social media thing here in the UK where you take a selfie without makeup on and donate £3 to cancer awareness here in the UK. And it’s raised a shit load of money for cancer research over a million pound which is great.

Okay let me start off by saying that I am all for awareness and funding for cancer, and I am in no way diminishing how bad cancer is, (one of my mums best friends has inoperable untreatable breast cancer which is effectively now everywhere in her body so she is dying, so I know how bad it is). So I don’t want you to mistake what I’m saying.

But what about all the other chronic conditions and diseases, where is their donation funding for research and treatment. There are thousands of chronic illness’ that like cancer affect millions of people worldwide. Yes some of them may not kill you but every day you wake up having to fight a vast range of symptoms for the rest of your life. How would you feel if that’s what you had to do everyday, and knowing there is little to no funding, awareness or research for your condition. You will be sick for the rest of your life yet no one cares about that because you are not dying. Trust me sometimes that is worse than dying. How would you feel knowing you are going to be sick and in pain for the rest of your life and there is no awareness or funding to help you. 

I’m all for creating awareness, but I just think something needs to be done about awareness and funding for other chronic conditions besides cancer. Everyone knows about cancer it has awareness and a shed load of funding, yes there is always room for more. But what about thinking a little and donating some money to another worthy cause that could really do with some awareness and funding as it gets hardly any. 

I’m not just talking about my own chronic conditions here, I’m talking about any and all chronic conditions other than cancer. Which can have as big as impact on peoples lives as cancer does and are just as horrible as cancer. 

Please don’t mistake what I’m saying, and I will say again, I’m not minimizing cancer or cancer patients suffering but what about other people suffering as well! This is just my own personal opinion! 


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