So Sian, what did you do today?

There’s this guy who I know from Tae Kwon-do training and every time I see him he asks me if I watched Jeremy Kyle that morning (for those of you who don’t know Jeremy Kyle is, it’s a tv show on in the morning in the UK which is where people go with problems like for example ‘did my boyfriend cheat on me with my sister’ or ‘who is the father of my baby’ and the guy talks through their problems and when I say talk there is often a lot of shouting and arguing, and they do like lie detector tests and DNA tests and what ever is needed to help sort the problem). I don’t actually watch the show but everyone in the UK knows about Jeremy Kyle and what the show entails.

But this guy asks me every time I see him if I watched it that day, because he knows I don’t go to school/college/uni and I don’t work. And apparently if I don’t do any of that then I must be watching Jeremy Kyle and daytime TV all day, which isn’t the case at all. I find it rather offensive that he asks me this practically every time I see him which is often at least 4 times a week. He also briefly knows that I’m ill and therefore unable to do much a lot of the time. Which is slowly changing hence applying to college, but he doesn’t know that as I haven’t told many people encase I don’t get in. But I just find it rather rude, he doesn’t know me that well doesn’t really know in detail why I don’t go to college or uni, yet still feels it’s fine to ask me if I watched Jeremy Kyle every day.

I find the question what did you do today? or how was your week? very hard to answer, it’s not that I don’t do anything all day every day, I find things to fill my day, I do some Tae Kwon-Do studying every day, I go out with my mum, I read I watch some TV shows on my laptop and most evenings I go to Tae Kwon-Do training if the pain allows me. I don’t literally do nothing all day every day, sometimes I do when the pain is really bad and it means I can’t do anything but that’s not usually every day.

And then there’s the how was your week question, I always say it’s been okay, even when it hasn’t which is usually the case cause of the pain. But people don’t really want to hear the real answer they are just looking for the answer it’s been okay or good etc. It’s like the question how are you? People aren’t looking for the truth it’s just a nicety question, what you say when you see someone. They don’t want to hear, ‘oh I’m awful, very depressed, contemplating killing myself etc’ They want to hear ‘I’m okay’ ‘I’m fine’ or ‘I’m good’ and then move on with the conversation. Most people anyway, though I’m not really like that because I know how much it annoys me, so when I ask someone how they’re doing, I’m genuinely interested in how they are and if they are actually okay or not. I honestly wouldn’t mind if they told me the truth that they are doing awful, I’m a good listener and if someone wants to talk about it I would happily listen. Though I admit it’s difficult to weed out the people like that from the ones that just want the standard ‘I’m fine’ answer.


2 thoughts on “So Sian, what did you do today?

  1. I quite dislike those questions too, “How was your day” and more so, “How was your weekend?” Everyone at work seems to want to know how everyone else’s weekend went. Mine is always the same. I sleep, I do laundry and I go grocery shopping.

    I agree with you when you say that people ask but don’t really want the answer to those questions. When I ask, I mean it too…I genuinely want to know how you are, but most just wait to hear the “Fine” cue and then they turn and walk away, feeling as though they did the right thing by asking. People always confuse me.

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