Overwhelmed with anxiety.

I literally have so much anxiety going on right now, even in my darkest moments I don’t think my anxiety has ever been quite as bad as it is right now. I can’t stop worrying about pretty much everything that’s happening in my life right now, I feel so overwhelmed with worry I feel very scared and on edge and I’m not too sure how to cope with this much anxiety.

A lot of my worries and anxiety right now is about going to college. Firstly I’m worried that I won’t get into college, then I’m worried about getting into college, that it will cause the pain to get worse, that I then won’t be able to cope, that I will either fail my course because of the pain or I will have to drop out cause I can’t cope. Then that leads to further worries about failing and dropping out, will I then be doomed to spend the rest of my life in bed not achieving anything because the pain won’t let me, having to live off my parents for the rest of my life because I can’t do anything cause of the pain. I don’t think I can handle more failure, I’ve had so much of it, I think if that happens and I either fail or drop out then I will just end up retreating into my deep dark pit of depression and not wanting or knowing how to get out again.

To be honest I’m terrified of failing, but I know that doing nothing has not been helping me, so I need to try to do something like going to college, I still want to go, but I’m just really scared of what going will mean for my pain. I want to accept and move on with my life, live despite pain, but what if the pain won’t let me?!

My pain levels have been quite high since Sunday, and my anxiety is also at an all time high which probably isn’t helping the pain. But I just don’t know how to stop worrying about everything. I feel very overwhelmed with anxiety and I’m not sure how to handle it, I feel very scared and sick with worry, but I don’t know how to let it all go.


6 thoughts on “Overwhelmed with anxiety.

  1. I’m sorry you’re feeling this way. I’m having a terrible migraine myself right now. Is there anything you can do for yourself to ease the stress? Perhaps a nice cup of tea with your favorite movie? I hope you can feel better soon, sweetie. Thinking of you!

    • Sorry to hear you have got a migraine. Well i managed to go to taekwondo training tonight which has helped a little and now I’m in bed with a hot drink watching some tv shows. Feel a little I’m not sure if calmer is the right word but I’m going to use it anyway haha. Just can’t stop my mind from racing with all the possibilities and worrying about them. Thanks means a lot x

  2. dislike. Hope you can relax soon. sometimes distraction works with me when I get anxious. And making sure I eat. Not eating can really make you grumpy and anxious and make things feel worse than what they are.

  3. Oh my goodness I could have written this post, just changing “college” for “employment”. The anxiety you feel much be huge! I know the worry of getting into something new, something that will make you go forward and upward in life and then finding out that the pain makes it impossible. 😦

    Anxiety and worry will affect your pain levels, unfortunately. I’ve just discovered that loud and clear. I wish I could help in some way…all I’m doing to cope is sleeping 15 hours a night and trying to keep my mind away from the cyclical spin of anxiety and fear.

    If you need a shoulder or a place to vent, please feel free to send it my way. I can relate and never mind being there, if I can do any good at all.

    xox Hang in there. Try not to let your worry take you too far into the future, if you can. (Even hour by hour is an accomplishment)

    • Sorry you have a lot of anxiety going on right now too! Yeah my pain has been bad recently probably because my anxiety is so high, been sleeping a lot recently as well at least 12 hours a night. Trying to keep my mind off of it but it’s hard cause my mind just keep racing and worrying.
      Thank you I hope your anxiety eases up for you soon!

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