I hate waiting!

I feel like I’m forever waiting for something, firstly I feel like I’m always waiting to get better, though I’ve accepted that I probably never will but it’s hard to shake the feeling that one day maybe I will get better, so I’m always waiting for that day. I have a diagnosis where no one knows if I could potentially get better. It’s unlikely that I will, I have the most resistant form of headache condition, no medications or treatments have helped me and it’s unlikely that my headache will just go on it’s own. But little is known about NDPH and it’s causes so you never know.

Right now I’m waiting for a few things. I’m waiting on a reply about whether I’m being offered an interview at the second college I applied to. And I’m waiting on a reply from the DVLA about my provisional licence. I keep anxiously waiting the post man to see if anything comes but nothing has, it’s a bit soon for a reply from the DVLA as they aim to get back to you in 3 weeks and it’s only been about a week and a half, but still I’m waiting. And I don’t know when I will hear back from the college, I got a letter saying they had received my application the other week, but it didn’t say how long it would take to hear back about an interview, that’s if I’m being offered one. And I’m nervously awaiting the 23rd of April which is my interview date for the other college I applied to.

And in under two weeks time I’m off to Dubai again for 10 days. Will get to see my sister and dad, drive my car there and get a new laptop. So I’m also waiting for that. I’m actually looking forward to going to Dubai this time. I know the pain will probably get bad when I’m there because it always does but I’m still kind of looking forward to it. It will be the last time I will be going to Dubai for a while, usually go every 6 weeks, my mum is going back out in May to support my sister through her AS Level exams, but I don’t really want to go back out there like two weeks after we get back in April so I’m staying with some family friends which will be nice. And then my sister is coming here for the whole of summer and my Dad for a bit of summer, and then I won’t be going back out till October. As I will hopefully be in college from September, but there will be half term holidays and during that is my mums 50th birthday so we are going to Dubai for that. So yeah it will be my last visit to Dubai for a while, and I’m looking forward to it for once.

I don’t like waiting, I just want some letters to come in the post with good news, saying I’ve got another interview and my provisional drivers licence. Feeling rather inpatient. And I know they will probably come in the post when I’m in Dubai which will be rather annoying.


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