I had such a good day yesterday. 

Saw my psychologist in the morning and then when I got home I got a text from my friend saying did I want to go to town to have a drink with our old friend who moved to Australia in 2005 who is over here for a bit of a visit, and I haven’t seen since she moved. (She came back in 2012 for a visit but I was living in Dubai at the time so obviously couldn’t see her) My friend didn’t want to see her on her own so we went together, we were both pretty nervous about how it was going to go. But it went so well, and was really nice we walked into town from where she’s staying and found a place to get a drink and then we just sat there for 2 hours talking and catching up, was really lovely. She wasn’t at all how I thought she was going to be, she was pretty down to earth and genuinely interested in our lives and what’s been going on with us. She’s going travelling around Europe whilst she’s here so she was telling us all about her travel plans which sound amazing. 

We chatted about the fact that I’ve been sick for so long, and she said she couldn’t imagine how bad that must be as she gets migraines and couldn’t imagine always having a headache that get’s to migraine level a lot of the time. I told her about the fact I’m hoping to go to college and she was like that’s amazing and all that. 

So yeah that was really good, I had a really nice time. It’s nice when you haven’t seen someone in such a long time and then you see them and can just fall straight back into being friends. 


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