I’m such an idiot!

So I feel like a bit of an idiot made a bit of a mistake with my application to college by not reading the website properly. Tend to skim read a lot it’s a bit of a bad habit. Basically I read the college website Access to higher education page wrong, and missed the bit on it where it says you choose 4 modules out of the choices of subjects and complete access modules in each of the 4 subjects. Whereas I thought it was just you chose one subject and studied that for a year. When actually you study four subjects for a year. 

Feel like a right idiot, as on my application as when I applied I just thought you studied one, I put I wanted to do psychology, and wrote about why I want to do psychology. So it will be rather awkward at my interview having to explain myself and why I missed that important piece of information. I don’t quite understand how I could have possibly missed it when it says it in two different places on the website. 

Now I’m scared they are going to think I’m a right idiot from my application, but that being said I have been offered an interview so I guess that’s a plus point. My excuse is going to be that I was looking at a lot of different colleges that had different courses and I forgot the one I was applying to was one with four different subject modules. Or that I did this it was just one before I sent off the application and then realised afterwards that it was subject modules but it was too late as I had already sent off the application. So maybe it will be okay and all work out. 

I feel like such an idiot for overlooking that important detail, but I’m glad I have realised now before the interview so that I didn’t turn up at the interview thinking it was one subject then looking like more of an idiot at the interview. At least now I can plan ahead and be prepared for any questions about my mistake that may come up. 

So now I have to think about which 4 subjects I want to do I’m thinking Psychology, Sociology, Biology and Law as they all kind of go together and are the best options for what I want to do at university which is psychology. And I’m now a little worried about how I’m going to cope with studying four subjects. But I still want to do this so hopefully it will be okay. 


9 thoughts on “I’m such an idiot!

  1. Lauren’s neurologist told us at last appointment (when Lauren was doing very poorly with her HAs and stress of school) that her NDPH patients do much better at university than high school bc the class schedules can be arranged according to your needs; for ex. Late morning or afternoon. Only 1 or 2 classes a day. Glad you caught that and your explanation is fine.

    • Yeah I’m hoping college will be a lot easier to cope with than high school as I did so badly at high school which is why I need to go to college to be able to get into university. Hoping the class schedular won’t be too bad. Thanks I hope they don’t think I’m a total idiot, even though I feel like one right now!

    • Thank you, this means so much to me that you think my blog is worthy of an award, however I have done this several times now, I would do it again, but I’m currently in Dubai and don’t have the time! But thank you!

      • No problem – I hadn’t realised you’d done it already! If you haven’t already, have a quick peek at my post about it, I’ve mentioned you in one of my answers and I hope it makes you smile.

      • I’ve just read it, definitely made me smile a lot, thank you so much it really honestly means a lot to me! Just realised I don’t actually follow you, so I have now, sorry for the delay! 🙂

      • That’s okay, just wanted you to know that your blog really does help and inspire me 🙂 Aww, thanks for following me! (I’m very nearly at 100 followers now which is exciting!)

      • I’m so glad! I love writing and knowing that it helps people makes me enjoy it even more. Not a problem, ooo exciting, I reached just over a 100 the other day made me so pleased never thought in my wildest dreams that 100 people would be interested in what I have to say! 🙂

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