A good thing.

So a good thing that came out of me going out with my friends the other night and having such a difficult time. Apparently they all think I now look amazing, several of them when I was there commented on how much weight I had lost. And then my best friend who wasn’t even there (she’s in England) told me yesterday that everyone who was there that night has told her I looked amazing. 

The main reason for this is because all my hair has grown back (I lost over half of the hair on my head from Sodium Valproate, it wasn’t nice) and then cause of so many medication side effects I put on loads of weight, my highest weight was 152 lbs and I’m now 120 lbs. So I’ve lost over 30 lbs. Most of them didn’t even know me before I lost my hair and got fat, so they have only really known me at my worst, so it makes a huge difference that my hair has grown back and I’ve lost so much weight. I was also wearing make up so that helped a bit.

But it just made me so pleased that everyone thought I looked amazing. I suppose that is something good that came out of the shitty night I had out.


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