My interview for college.

So I had my interview today… and it went great! Like really great. I was very prepared for any and all questions I had predicted that I would be asked, and I wasn’t asked a single one. It was more like an informal chat with my interviewer telling me all about the course and what it involved. Because I want to study psychology at university it is required that I obviously take psychology and also sociology, and then I can pick two other subject modules out of law, english literature and history. So I’ve chosen law and english literature as I don’t really like history. The course is 3 hours a week for each subject in college and then 3 hours at home a week for each subject. I would have Mondays off and then be in college the rest of the week, and I would also have a tutor period and a study skills period each week.

She said that every university accepts access courses so I can apply anywhere I want to go basically. She looked at my GCSE certificates and said my grades were amazing as they are all A’s and B’s oh and one C but that was in business studies. And she looked at my reference I gave her from my old A level PE teacher which is a really nice reference, and she said that was amazing. she said based on all of that I am more than likely to be offered a place. All I have to do is write a short essay kind of like a personal statement on why I want to do the course etc, basically all the questions I was prepared for her to ask me in an essay. And then send that to them and once that has been received I will get a letter offering me a place or not. But most likely offering me a place she said it is rare to be turned down especially when they can see from my qualifications that I am more than capable of doing the course. She also said that I wouldn’t find the course hard because of my qualifications.

The only question she asked me was when I was filling in some forms was that she asked me if she could ask what my medical issues were. I said that was more than fine, and I was happy to tell her so I told her and she was really nice about it, and said that if I get offered a place on induction day she would show me to the woman who runs the quiet room for people who are slightly on the autistic spectrum, and that I would be able to go there if my head got really bad for some peace and quiet. So I thought that was really nice of her.

Overall I’m really happy with how it went, and I feel confident I can get a place on the course. I’m going to write my essay tomorrow and send it off, I was going to do it tonight but I went to taekwondo and now my head is bad, it’s also late and I have jet lag and need to sleep. So tomorrow I will get right on that.


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