Busy weekend.

So I have somewhat of a busy weekend, which is really rare for me; usually my weekends consist of staying in bed and going to taekwondo. I don’t really have any friends where I live so it’s not like I have friends to go out with or anything. 

Tomorrow evening I am picking my best friend up from the train station, we met at school when we were both living in Dubai, and she moved back for university last year. But her parents live about an hour away from me and she’s there for spring break so is coming down to visit me. We are going to go for dinner and then she is coming back to mine to stay the night, mainly because she can only come to see me late tomorrow afternoon, and on Sunday me and my mum are driving through where her parents live anyway so decided it would be a lot nicer if she stays the night and we take her back home tomorrow. 

And then Sunday after we have dropped my friend back we are going up to Surrey where my mum is from for a get together with all my mums old school friends at my mums best friends house. My mums best friends daughter will be there who I am close to so I’m looking forward to catching up with her, and also seeing my mums best friends 9 year old twins who are possibly my favourite kids in the world. And then we are going to stay the night there so my mum can have a drink and doesn’t have to drive back to where we live which is about a two hour drive. 

On Monday we are also going to see one of my mums other best friends who lived in Dubai but got diagnosed with cancer so had to move back to England to have chemo to prolong her life, but the prognosis isn’t good at all. I haven’t seen her since she started treatment, but she is really lovely so it will be nice to see her.

So I have a pretty busy weekend, I’m looking forward to it but the pain hasn’t been good the past few days, hopefully it will behave itself and let me have a nice weekend. 


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