So as you can tell from the title of this post, I got into college. Picked up the post this morning and I thought there were only two things, a letter for my mum and some advertising junk mail, little did I know hiding behind the letter for my mum in-between the two was a letter for me; until my mum checked the post and saw the hidden letter. I could see from the postage stamp it was from the college, and it was a letter offering me a place.

Completely thrilled about the fact that I got in and will be going to college in September. Getting into college isn’t really a big deal for most ‘normal’ people, but for me it’s huge as I’ve been out of education for nearly two years due to chronic pain. It feels really good to know that next school year I will be getting back out there and working towards my goal of going to university and studying psychology. I will admit that I’m feeling a quite scared as well as thrilled, but I guess that is only natural.  

Also yesterday I heard from the other college I applied to, a woman rang me from student support services asking about my medical conditions and my headache and told me how the college could support me. She said she would pass the information that I told her on and they would send out an interview. This really confused me as to which college I want to go to. But I was in bed thinking last night and I think I want to go to the one that has already offered me a place. 

So that’s that sorted and I’m now officially going to college next year. Now all that needs to be sorted is getting my provisional drivers licence, so fingers crossed about that.



6 thoughts on “I GOT INTO COLLEGE!!

  1. Congratulations! Such great news!!! Lauren’s neurologist told us that her chronic NDPH patients do much better in college than high school because the schedule can be tailored around the student’s personal needs. For ex., if you are better with pain in morning or afternoon your classes could be taken that time. Also you have the option of taking the course load around your needs. You are also going to find such a different culture of people in college and your social life will be fun again!!!! Congrats again👍

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