The coming two weeks.

Tomorrow I’m off to do Go Ape at the local new forest country park, it’s like a tree top trail type thing where your harnessed in and do like things up in the trees. That’s a rubbish way to describe it to be honest. I’m going with a load of people from taekwondo and then we are having a picnic.

After that I’m off to a place called Lymington which is like a really lovely town by the sea. Am staying with friends for two weeks whilst my mum is in Dubai to support my sister through her AS level exams which start on Tuesday. I couldn’t really stay at home in my own cause the village I live in has no public transport and I can’t drive so would be house bound for two weeks which I didn’t really fancy. And I didn’t want to go to Dubai with my mum so I chose to stay with close family friends. It should be nice I get on really well with the friends I’m staying with and I love the town of Lymington, it’s just a really nice cute town. So will be there for two weeks with my dog the friends I’m staying with and their dog.

Right now the pain is really bad, I’m hoping this isn’t the start of a flare up as it will be hard to be sociable for two weeks and having the walk my dog every day by the sea when the pain is really bad.

I’m feeling a bit better emotionally since my last post. Trying to not worry about things but it’s really hard to catch myself when my mind starts overthinking and worrying.

Hoping that whilst I’m away my provisional drivers licence will come. And then I can arrange for driving lessons and start learning the theory. That’s if they give me one, if not I will be devastated and don’t know what I will do but I’m trying not to think of that possibility though.


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