Struggling on day two.

So I’ve been staying in Lymington with family friends for two days now, and it’s okay but I’m struggling a bit. Yesterday I took my dog fora walk by the sea and then went into town to have lunch with the guy I’m staying with which was nice but by the afternoon I was knackered and my joints were really hurting, so I led in bed till the people I’m staying with got home from work. I’m finding it quite hard to be sociable with them in the evenings, when at the minute I just want to lay in bed because not only my head hurts but my joints too.

Today I went to Bournemouth with the guy I’m staying with to an Indian food shop to get all the ingredients for the first night of our charity pop up Indian restaurant we are doing on Friday night. J the guy I’m staying with is raising money for a breast cancer charity for this huge 100 miles bike ride he is doing in August, and he asked if I would help with the cooking. We are doing 3 nights of it, it’s a 4 course meal and you pay what you think the meal is worth, we are aiming for £1000 so hopefully we will get there. I even have a Saree to wear and J is wearing a turban and an Indian outfit and so is his partner Claire. So it should be pretty good.

After doing the shopping I was meant to take my dog for a walk, but I haven’t because I am so tired and my joints are really hurting and I can’t really face going on a walk today, which I feel bad about because my dog has practically been led in her bed and my bed all day. But I just really needed to give my joints a rest today and couldn’t face a walk, but I will give her a nice walk by the sea tomorrow. I’m finding the fact that I have to walk my dog every single day quite hard also, usually my mum does it most days and then I go with her a couple of times a week, but cause she’s away for two weeks the responsibility falls on me.

I’m getting pretty fed up of this joint pain to be honest, by the end of the day most of my joints are hurting especially my knees at the minute, they practically all seize up in the evening and if I sit down it’s hard to get back up and it’s hard to walk. Typing on the computer isn’t doing me much good either to be honest, it hurts my hand joints after a while so that sucks. Trying not to worry about it all till my appointment with the rheumatologist who diagnosed me on the 10th June.

I think I’m really going to struggle these coming two weeks, I like the people I’m staying with and get on with them really well it’s just hard to be sociable all evening and also hard walking my dog every day when my joints hurt.


One thought on “Struggling on day two.

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