Feeling slightly better.

So at the time of my last post I was feeling terrible, the pain was god awful and my depression reared it’s ugly head because the pain was so bad. The pain was so awful I felt like I could hardly move but I promised the guy I was staying with that I would help him start cooking for this charity thing we are hosting (will get to that in a minute). So I dragged myself out of bed and went downstairs to help cook. And you know what the distraction of cooking knocked the pain down a couple of levels, from a 9/10 to a 7/10 which I can cope with. We then after we had finished some of our cooking preparations went out for dinner and the pain stayed at a 7/10 for the rest of the evening. I was quite worried that that was the start of a massive flare up but it wasn’t, my pain has been hovering around a 6/7 which for me is normal and bearable. It just shows that sometimes distraction can be the best thing, even though it’s hard to begin with, to motivate yourself to do something when the pain is so bad you feel like you can’t do anything but lie there in pain. 

I was feeling quite alone because of the pain that day, but it’s been okay since then. I’ve been filling my time away staying with friends with dog walks, going out for lunch with the guy I’m staying with. I’ve even been sailing, which was freezing cold and boring because there was hardly any wind, my dad wasn’t too pleased I went sailing when I’ve never even been on his boat in Dubai. And I’ve been on a short bike ride with the people I’m staying with, which was actually nice, all be it not very good for my knee joints. 

The friends I’m staying with are doing this 100 mile bike ride called Prudential Ride London in August, is a bike ride round London through Surrey and back to London. Clare got in to do it but J didn’t and the only way he could do it was to do it for charity. So he is doing it for breakthrough breast cancer, they want him to raise £750 for them to be able to ride for them. So he decided he would do this like pop up Indian restaurant, where he would cook a 4 course Indian meal and have loads of friends round to eat and pay what they think it’s worth. I’m his sous chef so we spent a lot of last week starting to prepare the food for it, and we had our first of three nights on Friday with 16 people round to eat. It went really well, everyone loved the food and we raised over £400, or target is £1000 and we have two nights remaining to do, so already we are well on our way to reaching our goal, our next night is on Sunday and then the last two weeks later. 

I went to Cardiff yesterday for the Welsh Taekwondo championships, I wasn’t competing but I was officiating, it was a long day, getting up early to get there for 9am then loads of officiating and then coming back. But it wasn’t too bad a day to be honest. I’m knackered now though have spent most of the day asleep.

I’ve got a week left of staying here and then my mum is back and I’m off back home. But I’ve had quite a nice time already, I struggled in the beginning but it’s fine now and has been really nice, the friends I’m staying with are great and kind of push me to do things slightly out of my comfort zone which is alright. Though I am looking forward to getting back home and going back to Taekwondo after two weeks off. 


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