Annoyed is not the word.

So if you read my blog regularly you would know about my struggle with getting a provisional drivers licence. I first applied for this in August 2013. After waiting for months for them to process my application and speak to my doctor I got denied on the grounds of psychiatric illness. I was not expecting it at all, I’m perfectly safe to drive always have been my depression never effected any of that. But they denied me anyway. Upset and angry don’t even begin to describe how I felt when I got denied. But I fought it, I sent letters from my local mental health team and my psychologist I see privately to them supporting my application and saying I was perfectly safe to drive. And the driving authority invited me to reapply after checking with my doctor that I am safe to drive. So I did what was asked of me, checked with my doctor got her to write a letter supporting my reapplication and reapplied.

I thought it would be simple, after all they had everything they needed to make a decision. A month after applying I still hadn’t heard anything so I rang them up, I was told by the guy on the phone that my case had gone to a manager and a decision wouldn’t be made for another three weeks. I was annoyed that would mean they would have had my application for 7 weeks, and application they had already seen before and just had some supporting letter attached to it, surely it was simple, read the letters and make a decision?! Three weeks passed and I still hadn’t heard anything from them.

It has now been a month so today I rang them up to ask what was happening. I was told that they had sent out a questionnaire to my GP last Thursday. My GP has already filled in this questionnaire once when I last applied. Basically my application has been sent right back to the beginning, my GP has to re do the questionnaire and send it back and then it could still take months before a decision is made. 

I’m angry because what they have to do is so simple, I know they have a lot of other cases to deal with, but they’ve seen my application before they’ve even had three supporting letters, why isn’t that enough. I spent the morning upset and angry over this. I’ve calmed down now and am kind of seeing the up side of my GP filling in this questionnaire again. In the questionnaire it’s all questions with a yes or no answer. Last time she ticked yes in ‘serious mental health issues including severe depression, suicidility, and psychosis’ I’m not psychotic but I had severe depression at the time so she had to tick yes and there was no where where she could say that I wasn’t psychotic so as far as they know I could have been. But now, now that I’m better she can tick the box that says mild to moderate depression, she can also tick yes to the box that says ‘is your patient well and stable’ where as previously she had said no. And she can state how long I’ve been well and stable. Based on the answers she put last time it’s no wonder I got denied the first time to be honest, if you are basing it just on her answers and not having met me which they never have. But hopefully with these new answers I won’t get denied and they will be able to see the difference since the last time she filled it in, I hope so anyway. Got an appointment with my GP on Friday to discuss it as I haven’t seen her in a few months and she doesn’t know how well I’m doing so I need to go and tell her so that she can answer the questionnaire correctly. 

What I’m annoyed about mostly is the time scale, by the time I get an answer it will have nearly been a year since I first applied, which is ridiculous really. It also means that I won’t be able to drive by the time college comes around in September which is in just over three months time, so that will be pretty inconvenient to be honest. So that’s what I’m pissed off about mostly.  


4 thoughts on “Annoyed is not the word.

  1. How incredibly frustrating for you. 😦 I know people who are completely disabled by their mental illness, who cannot work or care for themselves and yet still have the legal ability to drive. I’m fact, one in particular has psychotic episodes and paranoid hallucinations and his psychiatrist hasn’t ever suggested he not get behind the wheel. I’m so sorry you got caught in this pitfall. I hope they sort you out soon and you get your mobility back in short order. What a waste of time. Xx

  2. Sorry to hear you’ve been messed around so much! Sounds like you’ll have a much better chance this time judging by the questionnaire – although it’s frustrating it’s just based on that and they can’t know any more details xx

    • Thanks, I hope so too. Yeah it’s frustrating they just base the decision on a yes or no questionnaire which has such broad range of questions. Waiting to speak to my GP about it now, but I just missed her call and I went downstairs for two minutes without my phone and didn’t get to the phone in time, sighh.xx

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