Bit of a break, so bit of an update.

So, I’ve had a bit of a break from writing, I suppose it hasn’t really done me any good but it hasn’t done me any harm either but I was just struggling with what to say and how I am feeling; which I still haven’t quite figured out but hey ho. 

The pain hasn’t been too good the past few days, it could potentially be the weather because it’s got quite hot and that’s the only thing that has really changed, I know I don’t do well in the heat because of my POTS, and I’ve never really pinned down whether the weather makes any difference to my pain levels. So I haven’t been feeling too bright because the pain hasn’t been too good. 

Tomorrow I’m off up to London to see the rheumatologist professor that diagnosed me with EDS III back in 2011. So will see what he says about my joints and the pain and problems they have been giving me and whether not it is going to get worse. And also I want to know about the relation of my EDS and my NDPH, my neuro says there is no relation but my research tells me different, so I want to know from someone who is an expert in EDS about it. 

I will finish my overcoming depression series of posts, but it will probably be Wednesday when that is published now. 


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