Yesterday I went to London for my first physio appointment. It went well, the woman I saw was really nice, she asked me about all my medical history and what brought me there today so I spent a good while explaining that to her. Then we discussed my affected joints and the problems and pain I have been having with them. She then asked me to change into shorts so she could assess my joints and how I move. 

She said that I have really strong rectus abdominals, because well that’s kind of obvious as I actually have a six pack, but she said the muscle underneath my bottom abdominal that joins onto the pubic bone and extends all round the hips and lower back is very weak. She said that this needs to be stronger in order to support my hips and back and before she can start work on trying to prevent the pain in my hips and prevent them from constantly subluxing (partial dislocation). She looked at my knees another area I have problems with and noted that when I squat or bend down my knees don’t go down straight they bend inwards, which I never knew I did before she pointed it out. 

So she has given me a load of exercises to strengthen this muscle and I have to do them everyday and see how I get on and then make another appointment to go back up for another session in 2-3 weeks depending on how I progress with these exercises. 

My hips and knees were killing me with pain yesterday after I got back from London, all evening and night and I had real trouble getting to sleep even with the meds I take to help me sleep. Ended up having to take some paracetamol which seemed to ease the pain a bit so that I could get to sleep. Hopefully these physio sessions will help because joint pain on top of my headache is a lot of pain to deal with. 


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