When suffering from chronic pain/illness it’s important that you recognise your achievements no matter how small. For a long time I believed that I had no achievements in the past 4 and a half years. My school counsellor would always tell me I had loads of achievements and listed off a reel of things, however I never saw this all I saw were my failures, one after another. Several of what I thought my failures were included:
– Not completing school and my A levels
– Only completing one A level when everyone else could do three or four
– Not being able to cope with school
– Trying to kill myself
– Dropping out of school
– Having to move back to England due to my mental health
To me these were huge failures and they dominated my mind for a long time. Now looking back I can see my achievements of that time and my most recent achievements. Some of these include:
– I got out of bed everyday and went to school no matter how I was feeling I turned up (I wasn’t very productive but I went to school everyday without fail)
– I completed my GCSE’s with all grades above a C
– I asked for help by going to see the school counsellor
– Completing one A level despite my circumstances
– I started working helping teach Taekwondo in Dubai for 6 months
– I handed over medication in April 2013 when I had the chance to hoard/take it all
– I came back to England for help
– I started therapy in England
– I stopped self harming
– I threw away a bunch of hoarded medication and chose to live instead
– I gained a new positive outlook
– I accepted the pain and chose to live despite it
– I applied and got into college starting in September
Some of these achievements are small and some life changing. It’s important to recognise both and no matter how small they are. They may be hard to see, it’s only now looking back that I can recognise my achievements, for a long time all I saw was a string of failures. Start with seeing something small as an achievement, like for example something as simple as getting out of bed on a really rough day. If you suffer from chronic pain/illness sometimes getting out of bed can be the hardest thing so really it’s not a small achievement if you get out of bed it’s actually a huge achievement even though you may not see it as that.

For a long time I was so focused on all my failures or rather what I thought were my failures that I couldn’t see any achievements. You may be the same but I guarantee you they are there, you just have to look a little closer.


2 thoughts on “Achievements.

  1. Great read! When I lived on campus for school, some days the biggest achievement for the day was getting up and getting out of bed. Even if I didn’t go to class, and I only made it as far as my desk or the bathroom, it was still an accomplishment. I use to see it as “the least I could do” rather than an accomplishment but I could have stayed in bed, instead I got up. It can definitely be the hardest thing we do some days. I’m proud of you, I know how much you go through, how much it sucks. You have all ready accomplished a lot, there is so much more for you to accomplish.

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