The frustration continues…

The driving licence saga continues. First they didn’t receive my GP questionnaire in the post when she sent it, so I got a letter saying they hadn’t got a response. When I received that letter and I picked up the post I thought it was another rejection, it wasn’t thick enough to be a licence and it was thin enough to be a rejection, luckily it was just them asking where the questionnaire was. So I rang the doctors surgery and got them to fax it to them about two weeks ago now. 

This morning I got up and saw there was post on the floor by the door. These letters always come in a brown envelope, and there was one waiting for me to open. Again it wasn’t thick enough to be a licence and was thin enough to be a rejection again so I was worried. I opened it only to find that it was them saying it was going to take at least 12 weeks before I hear anything; get a rejection or a licence. 

12 weeks!! That’s another 3 months before I will potentially be given a licence, this is beyond ridiculous now, I’ve been waiting nearly a year already. My mum is furious, not with me but with the driving authority. I’m pissed off big time, but more so for my mum than me. I start college in September I won’t even have a provisional licence by then meaning my mum will have to drive me 40 minutes there and back twice a day. I’ve applied for a weekend job starting at the end of October, so my mum will also have to drive me there and back as well, if I get the job that is. We are going to Dubai in October half term, I can only stay a week because of college but we were hoping I would be driving by then so that my mum could stay longer than me, but now of course she can’t because I have college and I will have no way to get there without her. 

I feel like I’ve been stabbed in the back because I disclosed my medical conditions, mainly my depression even though that’s almost non existent now but still it’s going to take another 12 weeks to get anywhere. 


2 thoughts on “The frustration continues…

    • I know, I was honest and disclosed my medical information, I could have easily lied but I didn’t, I did the right thing and I’ve been stabbed in the back for it. Sighh.

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